1. midgetman82:

    Keenland - April 25

    This was back when a group of photographers, mostly with the University newspaper team I’m with,¬†and myself were admitted special access onto the Keeneland horse racing facility field to practice proper photographing at a horse track with a few professionals who were acquainted with this work.

    It was a great eye opening experience not only because it was my first time to Keeneland, but in how much was to be done properly when working near live animals. I was also able to work with larger camera equipment, including a 800mm lens mounted to a Canon 1DX at one point.

  3. Update: After doing so many soft openings, the park decided to have the ride up and running for guests at all times. Basically, Falcon’s Fury is now officially open.

  4. Finding a good spot to catch Thunder Run in action is super tricky. But I recently found an opening revealing an airtime hill!