1. Banshee - Kings Island


  3. Life Event #7: New Roller Coaster

    Many of you other fellow coaster geeks enthusiasts probably knew of Banshee roller coaster’s opening to the general public on Friday April 18 at Kings Island. If not, it’s a new Bolliger & Mabillard brand roller coaster that broke the record for the world’s longest inverted coaster. Since I couldn’t make it to media day on the 17th (and I reeeealy wanted to try it out), I made a day trip on it’s grand opening on the 18th.

    There was a slight set-back, though.


    Any of you that are familiar with the layout of Kings Island probably know that Banshee is located nowhere near the park’s miniature Eiffel Tower at the center of the park. Unfortunately, the line for Banshee stretched a little over half-way around it. Being that I didn’t plan on spending over a certain amount of money that day, I couldn’t afford “FastLane+”; which is an up-charge system that would allow you to bypass the regular lines on many of the park’s rides. Because of that, I did the next best thing.

    I waited in line like everybody else.


    The park was only open for 10 hours that day, and I spent 5 of those standing in line for a roller coaster! :D Feel free to call me crazy, but do consider the people standing around me who also had an ungodly level of patience.


    There was one point where a park attendant let people know they didn’t install any cubbies in the station to put people’s stuff in, so some of us had to jump out of line to rent a $2 locker (that would inevitably expire while in line and would need to be reset to get your things back out). So many of my day shots from under the coaster was done with my cell phone.





    After all was said and done, I finally got to the station and stood in the smaller line for the front row. Cell phone back in pocket, seated on the far right of the train, and ready for the first coaster of the day!

    Bottom line: It was bliss!

    The only thing missing on this coaster was B&M’s old-school quick “snaps” in the rolls and inversions. But other than that, this coaster had it all! It was fast, forceful, and very fun! The restraint system made for an even more comfortable ride.

    Honestly, it may be my new favorite roller coaster!

    After Banshee, I spent the rest of the day riding coasters I’ve yet to hit (Beast, Adventure Express, and Invertigo), plus I rode the newly re-themed suspended coaster next to Banshee, The Bat.



    All-in-all, the day went well. I’ll have to make it back to Kings Island to try Banshee again (with a shorter line, or FastLane+) and gather more credits.

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