1. Windseeker on Flickr.

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  2. If/when I do start a photography/video service,

    I’d prefer it not being called “[FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME] Photography.” There’s nothing wrong with that as it gets the point through as to what you do for a living, it’s just that it never really appealed to me. I’d like something a little more creative than that.


  6. Life Event #10: “Death” defying carnival rides

    I’m normally the type of guy willing to try out almost any ride I see in an amusement park and even at a water park. Carnivals and Fun Fairs are a different story. Consisting of rides quickly set up to amuse the kids and scare the grown folks, they’re there only temporarily before being packed up and moving to another town.

    Recently, I learned that a fair had started up not too far from where I was, so did some light research to see what it offered, and today (July 14) made a first-time visit!


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  7. Been busy with things lately.


  8. pianomannnn replied to your post “I want to sell my Rebel T1i camera body (plus an extra battery w/…”

    How much for the gopro

    I’m putting the gopro with the DSLR, unless you’d like to make an offer for it that I simply can’t refuse.


  9. I want to sell my Rebel T1i camera body (plus an extra battery w/ charger) to get a 5D Mark ii. Might even throw in an 8gb card, a 16gb card, and a GoPro Hero 1 with it.

  10. Mile High Falls on Flickr.